Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fall Foliage?

As we're descending into November, I start noticing all the evergreens now that the leaves are changing.  Yes, the maples and oaks are taking centerstage with their fiery colors, but what of the solemn spruces or whispery pines?  Some evergreens sport a winter color that's something to consider as you plan your garden. 

Techny Arbovitae - a finer twigged arborvitae, it boasts deep rich green foliage during the growing season.  Yet, as our temperatures get cooler and the days shorter, the flat ferny needles turn a bronzy purple.  What could be nicer than a splash of red twig dogwood to bring that nifty winter color to the foreground?

Blue Rug Juniper - just one of the many groundcover junipers out there that turns purply grey in winter.  This is already a wonderful carpeting groundcover for a sunny dry area, but I really love it flowing over a wall. 

White Pine - our native pine turns a paler yellow green in winter, and come October, will lose it's third year needles.  The inner needle drop creates a terrific acid-rich mulch for plants and it's paler winter color stands out against the heavier spruces.  I love it for it's softness in texture.  This is pine you can pet.

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