Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snow, A Gardener's Friend

Although we don't have two feet like out East, we did get a few inches of snow in the past couple of days.  I'd love to have more, though.  Yes, I'm one of those people who loves winter.  I tend to be the one that shovels our 100 foot driveway and pleased as punch to do so.  As a gardener, I like a good four inches or more.  Enough snow to create a nice thick layer to insulate plants and moderate soil moisture and temperature.  Of course the voles build tunnels, but so far they haven't been too much of a problem.  Thank you, Mr. Fox! 

Perhaps because I love snow, I usually leave the seeds and flowers of plants to dry.  For me, snow is magic in the garden and transforms the somewhat dreary browns and greys into a winter wonderland.

Queen Anne's Lace just cups the snow.

PeeGee hydrangea looks just lovely

The neighbor's sedum dried much better than mine.


  1. It's pretty hilarious here in the land of the snowpocalypse. They don't know how to clear the snow, so the federal government is shut down. Since pretty much all the white-collar jobs follow the federal schedule, that means almost nobody's going to work today! It's a snow day for grownups!

  2. Cool! We have friends who live in DC but originally are from NW Indiana. They find it pretty funny that it shuts down for as little as an inch of snow. Mind you, two feet would be tricky, even in Chicago. Hope you got out and enjoyed it!