Friday, February 18, 2011

Snowdrops Mean Spring

Galanthus nivalis poking up their beautiful little heads

The snow is mostly gone and today it is officially spring, at least in my book.  The snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis) are up!  They may take some time to fully open as it seems likely to get colder in the next few days.  Doesn't matter.  A plant has sprung from the soil, therefore it is spring.

I love my four seasons, but I have planted snowdrops, witchhazel, and early crocus just to break out of the winter doldrums.  How fabulous is it to have something actively growing in February?  We've had our thaw so the tree buds are swelling and friends have spotted cedar waxwings.  There's a small group of robins who have stuck around.  I expect they will polish off the last of the crabapples on the neighbor's tree pretty soon. 

Make a point of getting outside and snooping around the garden.  You'll be surprised what's waking up. The days are longer and balmy breezes aren't far behind.

The Korean boxwood flowers are fattening up!


  1. We were out walking the dogs in the forest preserve this morning and saw lots of robins, cedar waxwings, and budding trees (along with all the Canada Geese)! I guess I need to plant some snowdrops in my yard to cheer me at the end of next winter!

  2. The birds are definately out and about!