Friday, April 15, 2011

Houseplants I Have Not Yet Killed

It's time for an update on my houseplant purchases from Hausermann's! 

I have not yet killed them!

See?  Isn't it cool?

The orchid is blooming nicely and seems to be very happy.  It's leaves are healthy and the cats haven't knocked it to the floor. 

My one gardenia flower!  So fragrant it filled the study.

However, the gardenia is pissed off.  We just don't have enough humidity in the house to keep  it happy.  It's dropping leaves and now has a case of spider mites.  I'm trotting it down to the basement sink and dousing it with a strong stream of water regularly.  Spider mites can't swim very well.  I'm not sure I'll get another flower out of it, but it was magical while it lasted.  We shall see.  I'm determined to keep trying!

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