Friday, January 15, 2016

Janustory - Day 14 & 15

monarch chrysalis

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The howling loneliness is all consuming and now even cannibals would be ready company.

With giant waxy leaves and vine fibers, I have managed to fashion a rain funnel.

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So this week has been one of death. The world has lost major musical and acting talent and my world has lost a friend's grandmother and a friend's father. So far, today has not brought any more news of personal death, but the night is still young.

Death is ugly, messy, frightening, and heartbreaking, yet it can also be beautiful. We find a lot of interesting dead things when you work in the middle of a prairie and grow plants in hoop houses. There's a lot of frogs, for example, and butterflies. When you have a literal ton of flowers, you get a lot of butterflies, and let's face it, most butterflies don't live very long.

Because we find them beautiful, we have collected a variety of dead things. My friend Susan has been creating extraordinary collages and tableaus on her seed sowing table. In memory of those who have left you, I give you Susan's extraordinary eye for the stunning loveliness that can be found in nature at all stages.

Oh, and we find a lot of nests, too, which are in themselves works of art.

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