Monday, January 18, 2016

Janustory - Day 18

Today's installment: It must be my 3,482nd attempt at starting a fire by rubbing twigs and still I am unsuccessful. #janustory #wordcount18

As a home gardener and a professional horticulturist, you lose some battles. I've lost count of how many plants haven't made it in the gardens. Ravages of weather, water, rabbits, and increasing shade have caused the contents of the beds to evolve and change. Then, there are complete mysteries. I can't grow clematis. I have tried. I have given them what is supposed to be ideal conditions, babied them, prayed over them and cursed them out. No deal. There's been many attempts and I fear my last one is truly a goner. 'Claire de Lune', I so wanted you to succeed.

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