Monday, January 16, 2017

Janustory Day 16

Janustory Day 16: After crafting a braided rope from the calyx fibers, I’ve freed myself from my narrow prison.

#janustory #wordcount16

It's being a typical January weather day - raining, freezing rain, and perhaps snow. Quixotic. I've started walking around my local pond in a renewed effort at exercise. What I'm finding is the small treasures hidden in a familiar landscape. Yesterday, that treasure was the mystery of ice. The pond is locked in shifting ice and as it breaks and reforms, new and fascinating shapes form. This pond is part of the stormwater system, so it often floods and holds water. Thus, it's been planted extensively in bald cypress (Taxodium distichum) and they are quite happy. These two have started to form knees, so clearly, they're the right plant in the right place. However, ice has created its own magic and given these two trees frosty ballet skirts. So, while they may be imprisoned in ice, it looks like escape is possible.

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