Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Janustory Day 17

Janustory Day 17: How am I ever going to find the other members of the team with my radio broken?

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It seems our mini-thaw will continue and we might see temps in the 50s. And they say global warming is a myth. Well, we're all interconnected, aren't we? So today I chose a photo of a marbled orb weaver spider in all her fishnet stocking glory in the middle of her web. End of summer spiders are glorious and I always feel privileged when one takes up residence in the garden. Feast away on those mosquitoes! And look downright dapper while doing it. The spiders and I have a rule. No spiders indoors in the living spaces. Their place is the cellar where they can eat things I don't want to know about. Yes, it's a cellar, not a basement. Trust me. It might be haunted, but the spiders aren't telling.

Hello, beautiful!

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