Friday, January 6, 2017

Janustory Day 5 and 6

Janustory Day 5: What is this sticky stuff?

Janustory Day 6: I catch a glimpse of sky.

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Yesterday was a day of errands and appointments, so I didn't get the daily writing in. It highlights that I need to make a greater effort to carve out space for creativity, even in unemployment. The job hunt goes apace, but I am enjoying the time to write. 

Today's picture speaks to Day 6 and that longed for glimpse of sky. This is a photo of a pioneer cemetery that has been preserved as remnant prairie. It is incredibly rich in species and packed full of flowers. That immense span of sky, though, is something most of us in the Midwest are familiar with, especially if you get out to the natural areas. How intimidating would the flat open prairie be to Europeans accustomed to mountains and hills? I love big skies. I love being able to see three counties. It's at odds with my love affair with woods, but I think it's an overarching passion for the piece of land on which I dwell. My roots are here where the forest meets the sky.


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