Friday, January 27, 2017

Janustory Day 26 and 27

Janustory Day 26: Luckily, I have managed to snare a dinner meal of some kind of white grub, if only I can find the intestinal fortitude to swallow it.

Janustory Day 27: Until this daring misadventure, I have never realized just how loud the song of crickets can be when you have been shrunk down to their size.

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I think we may miss one of the most important elements of a garden, the yard, the great outdoors - sound. I have a weekly hike with friends, although I try to go more often. Earbuds or headphones are the norm when I run into fellow humans on the trails. Call me snobbish, but I never listen to music when out hiking or working in the yard. I'm too busy listening to the sounds of nature. I want to be able to hear the rough cry of the bluejay nesting in the spruce trees and the susurration of dried leaves clinging to the oak. The percussion of crackling ice or the shuffle through dried leaves are hallmarks of the seasons. I'm happy to sit and doze accompanied by the drones of bees busy in the flowers and cicadas singing to the ladies. What are you hearing when out and about?

Hey baby, hey baby, hey baby - cicada looking for love

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